The much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck model’s pricing has finally been revealed by Elon Musk’s company, Tesla. Cybertruck will retail for $60,990 (roughly Rs 50.80 lakh), which is roughly 50% more than CEO Elon Musk’s 2019 price announcement. Despite Cybertruck’s high cost, its appearance, functionality, and power

"Bullet-Proof" Tesla Cybertruck Comes to Create Ruckus, The Price is this much

This Cybertruck is unique due to its design, which was partially inspired by the submarine-like vehicle in the 1977 James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” and is made of shiny stainless steel. Experts contend that the Tesla Cybertruck’s cutting-edge technology, futuristic appearance, and body material have driven up the vehicle’s price, despite the company’s assertions to the contrary.

This Car is Not of this world! 

Cybertruck, according to Tesla, is appropriate for any kind of road condition. The manufacturer even claims that its design enables it to function on every planet besides Earth. Though it might just be a marketing ploy, the Tesla Cyber Truck’s exterior design will astound you as well.

10 lakh units reserved:

The Tesla Cybertruck is already available for booking, and the company reports that all orders have been filled. Ten lakh units have been reserved thus far. This innovative electric pickup truck, called Cyber Truck, made its debut as a pre-production concept in 2019 and is now available as a production-ready model. Let’s now discuss the Tesla Cybertruck.

Futuristic Design:

It was anticipated that the production model of the Tesla Cybertruck would be more realistic when it first appeared, given its wedge-shaped design that appeared to have been influenced by futuristic video games. However, the finished model is just as distinctive as the idea. It has a 432 mm ground clearance and a sizable gloss roof. The Cybertruck is equipped with 20-inch wheels. LED lighting is a great option for this because of its smooth surface.

Simple Interior:

The interior and cabin of this truck have been kept similarly simple by the manufacturer, despite its rugged exterior. Its dashboard design conceals AC vents, and the steering wheel is square. The 18.5-inch touchscreen infotainment unit is the only eye-catching feature in the cabin, and it’s easy to notice. Additionally, a 9.4-inch touchscreen behind the center console tunnel is provided for rear passengers.

Power and Performance:

The company unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck, which comes with three different powertrain options: all-wheel drive (AWD), dual motor cyberbeast, and rear wheel drive (RWD). According to reports, the real wheel drive variant with a single motor will hit the market by 2025. Two variations have been introduced as of right now.

Fast Charging System:

Tesla has not disclosed any details regarding the Cybertruck’s battery pack; however, it does come with an 800V charger that can quickly charge the truck up to 250kW. With just 15 minutes, this charger can fully charge a battery, giving the user up to 218 kilometers of range from the truck.

The Tesla Cybertruck, with a 1,100 kg load capacity, will prove to be an extremely useful vehicle. In addition, its exceptional 432 mm ground clearance makes it easy to drive even on rough terrain. It can also be used to set up a tent for excursions. In addition, using the truck battery to power additional electric appliances is a simple task.

Variants and price of Tesla Cybertruck:

variants  Price (in dollars)  Price (in Rs)
Cybertruck (RWD)60,990  50.80 lakhs of Rs
Dual-motor AWD 79,990 66.63 lakhs of Rs
Cyberbeast (AWD)99,990 83.29 lakhs of Rs

The next batch of Tesla Cybertruck deliveries will begin in 2024, with deliveries still limited to only the dual-motor and tri-motor all-wheel-drive variants. Elon Musk has uploaded pictures of the production ready model of Cyber ​​​​Truck coming out of the factory on social media. Initially only 10 customers will be given delivery. 

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