With the help of our in-depth guide, find out how to get invisible skins in Fortnite. To make your character stand out by fitting in, use smart tactics and insightful advice. Enjoy the best camouflage in Fortnite to enhance your gaming experience!

How To Get Invisible Skins In Fortnite

Invisible Skins In Fortnite

Fortnite’s Invincible Collaboration Unveiled

Fortnite fans are in for a treat, as the game is set to receive a new collaboration with the hit animated series Invincible. Dataminers first hinted at the possibility of this crossover, and now it has been officially confirmed. The Invincible-themed content will be available in the Item Shop starting Friday, November 24 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

What’s Included

The Invincible collaboration will feature a variety of cosmetic items, including skins for Mark Grayson, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve. Players will also be able to purchase a Reaniman Arm pickaxe, a Burger Mart Bag backpack, a Fastest Fastball emote, and an Invincible Hero Wrap. Additionally, there will be a new loading screen featuring artwork from Invincible comic book artist Ryan Ottley.

Skin Details

The Mark Grayson skin will be modeled after the hero’s appearance in the Prime TV series. The Omni-Man skin will showcase the Viltrumite in all its glory. The Atom Eve skin will feature a cape and a Subatomic Swords pickaxe.


All of the Invincible-themed cosmetics will be available for purchase in the Item Shop starting Friday, November 24 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. So be sure to check out the Item Shop then to grab these limited-time items.

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